Monday, May 30, 2005

Blog Title Dilemma

Since this is a group blog, we've been having headache what to name this blog. I plucked the ori name within seconds whilst registering this blog and I've readers "uurggghhh"ing and "euuuwww"ing away...

So pls vote for a title for this blog. This poll will be closed end of June 2005. Hehehe ample time for all, no?

Pls pick a name best suited for this Blog
Malaysian Foodies United (the ori name)
Food Guide Pyramid
Food Finder
NMT Foodies United
Name That Food
Nourriture Unie [Food United in French]
NMT Food Inspection
Far Flung Eats
Foodies' Makan Places
Delicacy Hunt
Delicious Treasures
Yummy Trail
Food Off-Beaten-Track

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1 comment:

Desparil said...

can i vote for more than one?