Friday, December 09, 2005

We were listed in KLUE!!!

Hip hip hurray!!!!

I didn't know we were listed in November 2005 issue of KLUE magazine. Just saw them at julie the biscuit. Check out what the mag wrote about this blog here.

However, I'm really sorry at the rate this blog is updated. I have not been to any far flung places for ages. I hope my fellow bloggers could help me out a bit here.

Anyone out there who feels they could contribute to this blog kindly sign up with me at babe_kl(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Thanks to all and to KLUE for featuring us!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

West Wing, Kuching

Every time whenever I drive past this shop, West Wing, it reminds me of the television series The West Wing, a television show created by Aaron Sorkin. I went to the restaurant last night with my friends and found out that it is a very pleasant place, especially after rain when the cool breeze is blowing through the air, gentle and refreshing. Even though this place is not as glamorous as TGI Fridays, Chilis or Dave’s, but the food is sumptuous and the price... very very reasonable. And everything is HALAL here.

Mix Grill

Grilled Fish

Fish and Chips

And the most important part... The location: Wisma Ng Aik Oh, 2½ Mile, Rock Road, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak or in close proximity from TIENS, Teledynamics or Fortune Land.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fish & Co. Seafood Platter (Gurney Plaza)

Another post from me.

So Loctor & the Mrs went to Gurney Plaza last Saturday to try out the new restaurant at Gurney Plaza known as Fish & Co. This shop was highly recommended by friends and colleagues especially their shop specialty -- Seafood Platter.

The outlet is located at the ground floor in between McDonalds and Sushi King. I forgot what name that stretch of walkway is called. (Could be Gurney Walk or something like that...)

The ambience is nice with seafood theme decorations all over. We ordered the 'Seafood Platter for one' and also the Ice Lemon Tea.

The Tea arrived first and it was good!!! For a long time I've never tasted such a full iced lemon tea. It came in a big glass too. Unfortunately, it's bloody expensive. (~RM5 if not mistaken)

Later, our dish arrived:

Image hosted by

Actually, there are supposed to be 5 prawns. One was quickly carted away by the Mrs as can be seen in the background.

In the kuali lookalike metal bowl, we have a strip of fish, 5 prawns, sotong tossed with spices and chilli flakes, fries and also rice.

In my opinion, the fish and prawns tasted the best. The sotongs were a bit too much and I couldn't finish it. The fries are just nice.. not too salty and soft in the insides. The rice looks like nasi briyani but tasted quite bland.

All in all, we spent ~RM35 for both food and drinks. There is another version called 'seafood platter for two' which costs RM40++ with bigger servings.

If you happen to drop by Penang, go and give it a try. You might just love it.

Loctor in OUT

p/s: the next table ordered a black pepper stingray which looks waaaaaaaaaay more appetising. Might go there and try it in the future.

Friday, September 30, 2005

NMTian's Octoberfest at Bier Keller

Sorry for posting this late. Been busy lah what else??

An Ommpphhh Pa Pa session was arranged by KlipschJ over at Bier Keller, a German pub and bistro, last Friday. This place is almost a hidden gem for it's secludedly located at one corner on the ground floor of Menara Haw Par, huh??? Where?? What?? Haw Par??? Ahahaha, this building is located just beside Shangri-la Hotel KL. The best way to describe to get to Bier Keller is - behind Caltex Petrol Station!!! Serious ok.

I used to frequent this place a lot when my office was nearer. Their food is superb. Strangely, it's a German watering hole, it does serves kick-ass local fare as well. I simply love their Thai Fried Rice. Don't be fooled too for their Hokkien Fried Mee, Claypot Yee Meen and Fried Mee Mamak are their best sellers. However, I have to say their western and German food fare pretty well too!!! Their veal sausages, goulash, lamb chop, seafood platter, mixed grill and let's just say almost every darn thing on the menu were great!

Back to our Octoberfest gathering, when I reached there, almost the whole jing gang were there already sitting around the barrel... desparil, LCTI, keriso, Osama Bin LaTeng, virlution, weezy, KlipschJ and kslian. Plonked myself down and ordered this... Schneider Weisse.

Image hosted by

Hmmm after sipping away the creamy foam... hiaks... how come no kick liau??? Duh... this dark beer used to taste creamy and smooth but now it's like so watered down?? Sighhh...

After more talks, suddenly Weezy announced that she's hungry and some of us moved downstairs to have some dinner. Teng & KlipschJ remained near the bar since they were not eating. Psssttt but in actual fact hor, these two fellas busy eyeing on someone's 1/3 balls :p hehehe

More bantering and laughters... food and more beer came. First up, I couldn't resist Keriso's Bitburger, I mean the beer glass. It's so beautiful, felt like tar pau the glass back home ahahaha

Image hosted by

After scrutinising the glass, Keriso, being his first time mah, noticed something on the glass. He pointed to me and Weezy "See this line... this glass is really from Germany one. That's the standard lah. They must fill up to that line". I took a closer look and hey presto!!! This keriso untung liau cos the beer was way above the line hahahaha... Can you see or not??

Image hosted by

Next, Ahpek came with kcfu in tow. More beers were ordered. After a while our food came. This is the superb chicken wings. They're very well marinaded before deep fried. Served with a side salad. This basket belonged to Virlution.

Image hosted by

I ordered Spicy Fried Drumstick (I think that's the name). 3 lovely deep fried drumsticks came with coleslaw and fries. I food exchanged one drumstick for some fish and chips off Weezy's plate and another one for some sausage salad that Keriso ordered. So I have one lovely drumstick to myself. Yumz yumz...

Image hosted by

This was keriso's some kind of sausage salad. Yeah that's his sexy beefy arm holding the plate with some type of German bread :p hehehe... Not sexy meh? Since I have some bite of his salad (not his arm ok) it's pretty refreshing with loads of sausage strips over iceberg lettuce with a drizzling of I don't know what dressing that is tangy and slighty creamy. Never knew such a dish existed.

Image hosted by

My neighbours Desparil and LCTI shared a plate of Mixed Grill. When it came, oh boy, it was so mouth watering! Such a huge serving, lucky LCTI suggested to share with Desparil. On the plate were 4 large chunk of steaks - veal, beef, lamb and chicken served with blanched mixed vegetable and potato salad. Ooo I missed their potato salad. Should have stole some from their plate hehehe but heh I was busy trading my drumsticks.

Image hosted by

Weezy's fish and chips tasted great too, thick fish meat with not too thick batter. Thumbs up! No pic taken for this. Not sure what others ordered but this one sure grabbed out attention.

Image hosted by

Eh eh?? Are you thinking something dirty?? Ahahaha can't blame you and this Weezy simply have to take what kcfu ordered in such an angle.

So what have kcfu ordered?? I've no idea. Check them out yourself...

Image hosted by

Gotcha!!! Ahahahaha... I think it's veal sausage. Betul ka?? By this time our infamous ahloongkor's mahchai, acqub, came, wahliau, so "semak" leh, adoi... scared we gonna mistaken him as VCD seller again?? :p

The next person who turned up was Arist188. Wahseh... I checked him inside out, comfirm liau, he's not gay. I think pretty eligible and I heard he got a babe magnet but he never offered this babe a ride in his fierce clawing lion! We did checked out this babe magnet a couple of weeks ago, it's so sexy! Hoooiiii, when are you gonna give me a ride??? I'm a babe and yes, your lion IS a magnet!!!

Eh eh how come suddenly got one tall fella barged in holding a lenglui's hand??? I see see... like he kinda kenal us but then I'm not really sure since I faced the entrance. Like so familiar but who is he leh??? Sekali he came and intro us that he was 3some. Aisay, sorry lah cos you really looked different now as compared to few months back when we go kiu kai. Paiseh arhhhh :p

Next Captain Hook came after his happy hour session with his client nearby. More beers, more food, more laughters... Ahpek and kcfu decided to pitt first but turned back. Seems like its pouring outside, yeh!!! Ahahaha it was not meant for them to leave yet. After another 30 minutes or so, the sky cleared and we left Bier Keller, feeling high - high from the laughters actually but I'm not sure about the rest though since so many rounds of Schneider and beers were drank.

Since keriso, Captain Hook, kcfu and Ahpek walked to Bier Keller from elsewhere, Weezy decided to gave us all a lift in her ahzoomjie. I tell you hor... we made keriso to sit in front, Captain Hook, myself, kcfu and Ahpek squeezed in at the passenger seat. Wahseh, Weezy informed that her ahzoomjie just achieved - THE MOST NUMBER OF PASSENGERS IN ONE SEATING!!! Ahahaha but we really have to compliment that her suspension was superb as not a single squeek was heard... bravo ahzoomjie!!! Thank you Weezy for the lift.

So, when's the next round eh? I enjoyed the food, not the beer though but best was I enjoyed the company the bestest! Thanks Bin LaTeng for my Schneider for he kena belanja me accidently amidst all the confusion over the earlier billings. *Muaks* JJ Hokkien Char on me next.

Check Desparil's version.

p/s: the photos sucks but hey it's pub with dim light wor

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Blog Title Poll Result

OK guys the poll is closed and here is the result:

Image hosted by

Enuff said :p kakakakaka waste my time only!

Monday, June 20, 2005

A Guide to Laksa Sarawak

The popular Sarawak Laksa is version of curry noodles without cockles and fried bean curd. Laksa Sarawak is the quintessential coffee shop dish in Kuching [even though it is a cardiologist's nightmare of a breakfast].

A bowl of laksa Sarawak consists of noodles [fine wheat flour vermicelli] a handful of large, fresh bean sprouts and most importantly the hot and spicy laksa gravy. The doused noodles are normally garnished with generous helpings of sliced omelets, fresh prawns and shredded chicken breast. The whole thing is topped-off with a garnish of coriander leaves. And it is served to you with chopsticks and a soup spoon. Before you start on your laksa, you will notice a small bowl containing a lime and a teaspoonful of mysterious brown paste – belacan, a dried and fermented puree of shrimp. This pungent mix is then poured into the laksa and gently agitated with the chopsticks to ensure an even distribution.

Price per Bowl
RM2.50 onwards

Famous Places For Laksa Sarawak
  • Choon Hui Cafe (Ban Hock Road, next to Grand Continental Hotel)
  • Seng Huat Cafe (Padungan Road, below Kapit Hotel)
  • Golden Arch CafĂ© (3rd Mile)

Monday, May 30, 2005

Blog Title Dilemma

Since this is a group blog, we've been having headache what to name this blog. I plucked the ori name within seconds whilst registering this blog and I've readers "uurggghhh"ing and "euuuwww"ing away...

So pls vote for a title for this blog. This poll will be closed end of June 2005. Hehehe ample time for all, no?

Pls pick a name best suited for this Blog
Malaysian Foodies United (the ori name)
Food Guide Pyramid
Food Finder
NMT Foodies United
Name That Food
Nourriture Unie [Food United in French]
NMT Food Inspection
Far Flung Eats
Foodies' Makan Places
Delicacy Hunt
Delicious Treasures
Yummy Trail
Food Off-Beaten-Track

Free polls from

Curry Loh Meen

*non-halal post*

My brother took me to this place recently in Jinjang Utara. Their speciality is Curry Loh Meen. As you're familar with the usual thick yellow noodles in gooey gravy thickened with eggs and cornflour, served with some black vinegar, this one is flavoured with curry. Very unusual and its surprisingly tasty! Served with a thick egg and minced meat omelette. I doubt it has any coconut milk in there but I'm not very sure. You could ask them to add some cockles if you like. You've got to taste this, no kidding.

They serve other dai chow noodles like hokkien char etc but the hokkien char nothing to shout about. Not sure of other dishes. I see another table ordered Bak Kut Teh in a claypot. Price wise is ok gua... one bowl of curry loh meen for 3 + one plate of hokkien char for I dunno how many person (eh I was on the phone when ordering was done) + 4 leung shui (herbal tea) + one serving of curry loh meen to go = RM25.90.

Word of warning, this is a off-beaten location somewhere opposite the Jinjang wet market entrance from Main Street. It's a run-down shack next to Public Bank (Garden Street, which is parallel to Main Street). They opened from morning till 5pm.

Sorry, no photos to boot cos the interior very very dark one kekekeke...

Friday, May 20, 2005

Tan Kee Roast Duck (Lunas, Kedah)

Hello guys and gals,

Loctor wish to post the first FR on msianfoodies (nice name for a blog btw :P ).

As some of you know, I stay somewhere around Kulim, Kedah. This town was once a huge palm oil / rubber plantation but development has took over and now it is famous for it's Kulim Hi-Tech Park (KHTP) where MNCs like Silterra, Intel, Celestica and Infineon have built their manufacturing and development facilities there.

Anyway, nearby Kulim is a very tiny place called Lunas. Here, everybody knows that it is famous for the roasted duck. To be specific, a restaurant by the name of "Tan Kee Roast Duck".

In Lunas, this is the most brightly coloured shop and it's very easy to find. Here are the directions to Tan Kee Roast Duck restaurant:

1) From Nort-South Highway, go north until you reach Butterworth
2) At the Seberang Jaya roundabout, take the 3pm turn to go into the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (BKE). There are signboards that shows 'Taman Teknologi Tinggi Kulim' (which sounds so stupid btw)
3) After 20 mins of driving and RM2.10 poorer (toll), take the Lunas exit on your left
4) Drive along the stretch of road and keep slow, you will see Tan Kee on your left.

Now, let's talk about the food:

Tan Kee is very famous for its special roast duck. The skin is very crispy and the meat juicy and tender. They have a few flavours: original, honey or sour sauce. As you chew on the meat you will be presented with a mixture of tastes which tingles your tastes buds. To add more fun to your eating, put a little of Tan Kee's home-made chilli sauce to spice things up a little.

I personally like the honey and sour sauce flavour. This is because each time I bite into the roasted duck meat the juices will mix around with the honey / sour sauce and this combination is awesome.

The roasted duck are prepared on the same day and usually by 8:30pm every day they would all be sold out. One whole duck can serve about 4-5 people. Loctor recommend that you order half of each flavour.

You can choose to eat the roasted duck with white rice or porridge. Other side dishes includes the kiam chai boay (salted vege), tau kua & hard boil egg in dark soya sauce, steamed siao bai chai with oyster sauce and others.

The area is relatively clean and service is ok. Do not go there during lunch time because you will be standing around waiting for people to leave their tables.

The price is ok too. Usually, RM60 is enough for 7-8 people.

Ok that's it. Leave comments if you have any questions. Hope the 1st msianfoodies is good ;)

Loctor is out..

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

First Project

Malaysian Foodies United was something I just thought off within 2 seconds when I was registering this blog... Can't really think then.

Let's start the ball rolling to name this Blog. We're up to suggestions. Kindly post them up in the Comment.