Monday, May 21, 2007

Tambun Seafood!

If you're in Penang and when you mention the word 'seafood', the locals will recommend you to several places but one place that will never be forgotten is Tambun.

Tambun is located on the southern tip of mainland Butterworth. The place is full of seafood restaurants each claiming to serve the freshest and cheapest seafood. To me, I like a place that has a nice atmosphere, easy to find and has lots of car park available.

Hence, one place that I will always go when having Tambun seafood is the Fish Village Seafood Restaurant:

If you're driving from the South, go along the North South Highway until you reach the Bukit Tambun exit. After the toll, you'll reach a T-junction. Turn right and go straight till you reach a cross road. Just go straight and you will see this restaurant located on your left. Very easy to find and car parks are plenty. Make sure you go early (~6pm++) to get tables else you'll have to wait.

The choices of seafood are aplenty, you can go to the aquariums and select whatever you want to eat.

I had the sweet and sour sauce crabs:

and also the mango strips with cuttle fish deep fried fish:

Both are very nice and absolutely delicious!!! The seafood are very fresh too.

As side orders, we tried the special satay:

The satay sticks are first dipped into the peanut sauce first before being BBQ-ed. Very nice and special indeed.

So what's the cost of the meal?

2 crabs : RM18.90
Fish : RM15
Satay: RM6.00 for 10 sticks
Chinese Tea: RM2
Some other charges which I don't really bother: RM1

Cheap cheap! :D