Monday, May 30, 2005

Blog Title Dilemma

Since this is a group blog, we've been having headache what to name this blog. I plucked the ori name within seconds whilst registering this blog and I've readers "uurggghhh"ing and "euuuwww"ing away...

So pls vote for a title for this blog. This poll will be closed end of June 2005. Hehehe ample time for all, no?

Pls pick a name best suited for this Blog
Malaysian Foodies United (the ori name)
Food Guide Pyramid
Food Finder
NMT Foodies United
Name That Food
Nourriture Unie [Food United in French]
NMT Food Inspection
Far Flung Eats
Foodies' Makan Places
Delicacy Hunt
Delicious Treasures
Yummy Trail
Food Off-Beaten-Track

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Curry Loh Meen

*non-halal post*

My brother took me to this place recently in Jinjang Utara. Their speciality is Curry Loh Meen. As you're familar with the usual thick yellow noodles in gooey gravy thickened with eggs and cornflour, served with some black vinegar, this one is flavoured with curry. Very unusual and its surprisingly tasty! Served with a thick egg and minced meat omelette. I doubt it has any coconut milk in there but I'm not very sure. You could ask them to add some cockles if you like. You've got to taste this, no kidding.

They serve other dai chow noodles like hokkien char etc but the hokkien char nothing to shout about. Not sure of other dishes. I see another table ordered Bak Kut Teh in a claypot. Price wise is ok gua... one bowl of curry loh meen for 3 + one plate of hokkien char for I dunno how many person (eh I was on the phone when ordering was done) + 4 leung shui (herbal tea) + one serving of curry loh meen to go = RM25.90.

Word of warning, this is a off-beaten location somewhere opposite the Jinjang wet market entrance from Main Street. It's a run-down shack next to Public Bank (Garden Street, which is parallel to Main Street). They opened from morning till 5pm.

Sorry, no photos to boot cos the interior very very dark one kekekeke...

Friday, May 20, 2005

Tan Kee Roast Duck (Lunas, Kedah)

Hello guys and gals,

Loctor wish to post the first FR on msianfoodies (nice name for a blog btw :P ).

As some of you know, I stay somewhere around Kulim, Kedah. This town was once a huge palm oil / rubber plantation but development has took over and now it is famous for it's Kulim Hi-Tech Park (KHTP) where MNCs like Silterra, Intel, Celestica and Infineon have built their manufacturing and development facilities there.

Anyway, nearby Kulim is a very tiny place called Lunas. Here, everybody knows that it is famous for the roasted duck. To be specific, a restaurant by the name of "Tan Kee Roast Duck".

In Lunas, this is the most brightly coloured shop and it's very easy to find. Here are the directions to Tan Kee Roast Duck restaurant:

1) From Nort-South Highway, go north until you reach Butterworth
2) At the Seberang Jaya roundabout, take the 3pm turn to go into the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (BKE). There are signboards that shows 'Taman Teknologi Tinggi Kulim' (which sounds so stupid btw)
3) After 20 mins of driving and RM2.10 poorer (toll), take the Lunas exit on your left
4) Drive along the stretch of road and keep slow, you will see Tan Kee on your left.

Now, let's talk about the food:

Tan Kee is very famous for its special roast duck. The skin is very crispy and the meat juicy and tender. They have a few flavours: original, honey or sour sauce. As you chew on the meat you will be presented with a mixture of tastes which tingles your tastes buds. To add more fun to your eating, put a little of Tan Kee's home-made chilli sauce to spice things up a little.

I personally like the honey and sour sauce flavour. This is because each time I bite into the roasted duck meat the juices will mix around with the honey / sour sauce and this combination is awesome.

The roasted duck are prepared on the same day and usually by 8:30pm every day they would all be sold out. One whole duck can serve about 4-5 people. Loctor recommend that you order half of each flavour.

You can choose to eat the roasted duck with white rice or porridge. Other side dishes includes the kiam chai boay (salted vege), tau kua & hard boil egg in dark soya sauce, steamed siao bai chai with oyster sauce and others.

The area is relatively clean and service is ok. Do not go there during lunch time because you will be standing around waiting for people to leave their tables.

The price is ok too. Usually, RM60 is enough for 7-8 people.

Ok that's it. Leave comments if you have any questions. Hope the 1st msianfoodies is good ;)

Loctor is out..

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

First Project

Malaysian Foodies United was something I just thought off within 2 seconds when I was registering this blog... Can't really think then.

Let's start the ball rolling to name this Blog. We're up to suggestions. Kindly post them up in the Comment.