Monday, May 30, 2005

Curry Loh Meen

*non-halal post*

My brother took me to this place recently in Jinjang Utara. Their speciality is Curry Loh Meen. As you're familar with the usual thick yellow noodles in gooey gravy thickened with eggs and cornflour, served with some black vinegar, this one is flavoured with curry. Very unusual and its surprisingly tasty! Served with a thick egg and minced meat omelette. I doubt it has any coconut milk in there but I'm not very sure. You could ask them to add some cockles if you like. You've got to taste this, no kidding.

They serve other dai chow noodles like hokkien char etc but the hokkien char nothing to shout about. Not sure of other dishes. I see another table ordered Bak Kut Teh in a claypot. Price wise is ok gua... one bowl of curry loh meen for 3 + one plate of hokkien char for I dunno how many person (eh I was on the phone when ordering was done) + 4 leung shui (herbal tea) + one serving of curry loh meen to go = RM25.90.

Word of warning, this is a off-beaten location somewhere opposite the Jinjang wet market entrance from Main Street. It's a run-down shack next to Public Bank (Garden Street, which is parallel to Main Street). They opened from morning till 5pm.

Sorry, no photos to boot cos the interior very very dark one kekekeke...

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derrick said...

Belum try, belum mau. Sekali try, hari hari mau.