Monday, December 31, 2007

Food Off-the-Beaten Track

Dear Readers and Contributors,

This blog is created to list special food not found commonly every where. Maybe food in your hometown or current place where you are staying which you think poor ignorant souls like me and Keriso MUST TRY... No need to be dedicated to write in English, Malay or Manglish are also welcomed. Grammar no need to be perfect but try not to use your local Kelantanese of Kedahans slang though ahaha cos we might have a tough time deciphering them.

Those who're globe trotting on their jobs too might wanna intro to us what you've eaten plus most importantly, what's so great about them. It would be a great eye opener for country pumpkin like me. Heh!

Simple write up of the specials, any secrets that you can derive, how to locate this place, well, a map will be great. No need high tech stuff, hand drawn then scanned or snapped with digicam will do liau. Errr, if you could upload your photos on this place especially the food, then it would be great. You may upload your photos using this, this or this. Those who are gonna post up non-halal reviews, pls place a warning at the start of your entry. Thanks for your consideration.

Some of you have mentioned how to rate the food as it's pretty subjective. Well, let's just be reasonable ok. I guess we're not to hold each other responsible on this matter, I beg you guys some sort of masuk akal stuff to justify your recommendations.
As I quote here:

"Say for example, Ijok Beggar Chicken which is must try if you are there. OK there may be debate on how special it is, but we want to dig out those hidden secrets of a certain place, town, village or area. And we want to be quite discriminating. Sekali some poor soul go all the way to KB and found the food is really so so, no point lah." ~Keriso

So I hope you guys get it. Now, let's get down dirty and makan our way thru.

**I'm gonna place this post all the way up, ok**