Monday, December 31, 2007

Food Off-the-Beaten Track

Dear Readers and Contributors,

This blog is created to list special food not found commonly every where. Maybe food in your hometown or current place where you are staying which you think poor ignorant souls like me and Keriso MUST TRY... No need to be dedicated to write in English, Malay or Manglish are also welcomed. Grammar no need to be perfect but try not to use your local Kelantanese of Kedahans slang though ahaha cos we might have a tough time deciphering them.

Those who're globe trotting on their jobs too might wanna intro to us what you've eaten plus most importantly, what's so great about them. It would be a great eye opener for country pumpkin like me. Heh!

Simple write up of the specials, any secrets that you can derive, how to locate this place, well, a map will be great. No need high tech stuff, hand drawn then scanned or snapped with digicam will do liau. Errr, if you could upload your photos on this place especially the food, then it would be great. You may upload your photos using this, this or this. Those who are gonna post up non-halal reviews, pls place a warning at the start of your entry. Thanks for your consideration.

Some of you have mentioned how to rate the food as it's pretty subjective. Well, let's just be reasonable ok. I guess we're not to hold each other responsible on this matter, I beg you guys some sort of masuk akal stuff to justify your recommendations.
As I quote here:

"Say for example, Ijok Beggar Chicken which is must try if you are there. OK there may be debate on how special it is, but we want to dig out those hidden secrets of a certain place, town, village or area. And we want to be quite discriminating. Sekali some poor soul go all the way to KB and found the food is really so so, no point lah." ~Keriso

So I hope you guys get it. Now, let's get down dirty and makan our way thru.

**I'm gonna place this post all the way up, ok**


Anonymous said...

cool one ... what are still not found?

TriStupe said...

stumble this from Loctor's guys and babes sure makan kaw, i'm hungry...

Elina said...

Why don't you start the ball rolling and post some yummy foodie pics with recipes? *slurp*

Babe_KL said...

joe, not many of us go to far flung places to eat hahaha

thanks stupe kekeke

elina, actually the intention to start of this collaboration is to highlight those out of the usual route makan places. if u r looking for a regular food review cum cooking blog, you may drop by my personal blog at

Red Raven said...

good from kuching, sarawak...maybe i just drop a few places for the best mee kolok, laksa, mee pok or anythg.....would be useful for some who would or might go to kuching.....i am all for that dudes

Babe_KL said...

thanks red. send me some sample writeups then we shall see how we go from there. we have someone contributing over in sandakan. will update them when i'm free.

Angel Eyes said...

Well, I've some nice makan places in jay bee as well... nice blog u have here... and the food!

Maybe i can introduce to some of the places?

Babe_KL said...

thanks in advance angel eyes. i'll be glad to receive good makan places in Johor. send them to me ok.

alittledrop-of-love said...

Hey guys I happen to come across your websites.All the good foods are in KL! I'm situated in JB.I know there are some pretty good restaurants in JB but they are not very popular in Malaysia. Anyways, hope I can join your group(:

Wilson Chin said...

this is a cool blog, i like it. It would be better if u guys state all the price of the food next time :)

Unknown said...

Hi, I am leaving a comment here because I can't find your email contact.

I had created a food search site called Malaysia Most Wanted Food (, archiving mostly food reviews from blogger. It basically allows easy searching of yummy food around Malaysia. So I am wondering if you are interested to allow me to link to the food reviews in your blog (I shall respect the copyright of your content).

Do contact me at info [at] malaysiamostwanted (dot) com. I could provide you with more information on how this is actually done. BTW, my name is Desmond.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Hi guys

Came here from Babe in the city. Hope you guys don't mind but am going to link you guys to my blog. We started our cake and wedding biz as a passion and it truly is inspiring to see so many people moved by the same thing. Do drop by if you can.



PS If there are any objections to the link, pls tell me and I'll take it off.

Anob Sdn Bhd said...

If u happen to stop by at Malacca, do visit us!

or drop us a comment at

See u soon!

The Yum List said...

Great concept! I look forward to exploring more. :-)

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Unknown said...

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