Tuesday, May 17, 2005

First Project

Malaysian Foodies United was something I just thought off within 2 seconds when I was registering this blog... Can't really think then.

Let's start the ball rolling to name this Blog. We're up to suggestions. Kindly post them up in the Comment.



sLenZieLiECioUs said...

1. Food Guide Pyramid
2. Food Finder
3. NMT Foodies United
4. Name That Food
5. Nourriture Unie [Food United in French]
6. Name That Food
7. NMT Food Inspection
8. Food Composition Databank

babe_kl said...

ok i'll set up a poll later. more suggestions pls...

1. Far Flung Eats
2. Foodies' Makan Places

phangan said...

delicacy hunt
delicious treasures
yummy trail

Jeryc said...

Food??? Glorious food???
BTW, Iam neo