Monday, June 20, 2005

A Guide to Laksa Sarawak

The popular Sarawak Laksa is version of curry noodles without cockles and fried bean curd. Laksa Sarawak is the quintessential coffee shop dish in Kuching [even though it is a cardiologist's nightmare of a breakfast].

A bowl of laksa Sarawak consists of noodles [fine wheat flour vermicelli] a handful of large, fresh bean sprouts and most importantly the hot and spicy laksa gravy. The doused noodles are normally garnished with generous helpings of sliced omelets, fresh prawns and shredded chicken breast. The whole thing is topped-off with a garnish of coriander leaves. And it is served to you with chopsticks and a soup spoon. Before you start on your laksa, you will notice a small bowl containing a lime and a teaspoonful of mysterious brown paste – belacan, a dried and fermented puree of shrimp. This pungent mix is then poured into the laksa and gently agitated with the chopsticks to ensure an even distribution.

Price per Bowl
RM2.50 onwards

Famous Places For Laksa Sarawak
  • Choon Hui Cafe (Ban Hock Road, next to Grand Continental Hotel)
  • Seng Huat Cafe (Padungan Road, below Kapit Hotel)
  • Golden Arch CafĂ© (3rd Mile)


fred said...

laksa sarawak!
going to have one later...

babe_kl said...

where to find good one in KL??

kolokmee said...

wat about the one at abell rd. opposite maybank. its good too.....yummyy. i like the one at fatcat in muara tabuan also. ;)

Loctor Mayat said...

Looks yummy..

Anonymous said...

i m a pure sarawakian chinese, n being d biggest fan of sarawak laksa ever since i was young, i am so totally gonna pound my two fists in objection to anyone who says dat sarawak laksa is the version of curry mee without bla bla bla.. n with bla bla bla... now, THIS specific comment, which i've heard so many times from west malaysians in particular, is totally not true.. my point is, sarawak laksa is so, distinctly different from curry mee! its unique taste cannot be compared to any other msian food i've eaten before, and just because one has only eaten sarawak laksa ONCE, and only once, it is totally unjustifiable to draw a comparison between swk laksa AND any other food one has probably eaten more than 50 times in one's lives, although one may argue that it is human's nature to tend to compare a new event to one which is already made known or familiar.saying that swk laksa is "a version of curry noodles" would really be underestimating the uniqueness of it. the secret to the laksa is the gravy, (which i'd rather call the "soup"), which isn't prepared like any other type of noodles found in malaysia. and of course, only the best locally-made belacan yields the most perfect combination! take any one of the two out, and what you get is anything but sarawak laksa. the secret to it, of course, lies only in sarawak, a personal treasure of every sarawakian =)
-the loyal sarawak laksa fan-

babe_kl said...

dear the loyal sarawak laksa fan,

just for your info, the writer is from Sarawak herself. anyway thanks for your comment.

g said...

will be in Sarawak in July this year - looking fwd to some o this laksa